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A Place of Meeting - the birth of Isibindi Africa Lodges

Driven by conservation and a love for Southern Africa’s wildest, most beautifully isolated regions, Brett and Paige Gehren began building a dream. Facing the raw impact of South Africa’s history, the Gehren’s find in the beauty, joys, and complexities of nature, a language the whole of humanity speaks.

“We are going to where spirit meets wilderness. I feel like the others who have walked with Nunu Jobe and become overwhelmed, but I’m not sure why. Nunu passes me a buffalo thorn branch, and leads us forward. We walk further through the bush, then emerge into a dusty opening – a watering hole – face to face, with four white rhino.”   - (excerpt, A Place of Meeting - the Birth of Isibindi Africa Lodges)

the unspoken impact of the #ImStaying movement

'Sometimes all we need is that tiny glimmer of hope, that tiny flickering flame in a room filled with darkness and despair, to turn our hearts and our minds around.’ – Jarette Petzer, #ImStaying founder

 #ImStaying: the unspoken impact of the #ImStaying movement is the true story of the #ImStaying movement in South Africa, where over 1.4 million South Africans of every race, socio-economic and political background came  together to share stories across cultural barriers that many had never crossed before. This book tells a story of South Africa between the politics, between the statistics, and of every day South Africans creating social cohesion through storytelling – reaching out to each other to inspire real change in the country they love and want to see succeed, and shaping a new future out of a painful past.

Our Changing Rivers  an introduction to the science and practice of fluvial geomorphology

Fluvial Geomorphology is the science of how water shapes the land. It is the study of geography, ecosystems and bio-diversity and the crucial, interwoven relationship they have with each other.


For students and dam engineers, scientists and non-scientists, Our Changing Rivers is an introduction to the topic and an exploration of the myriad, incredible ways water and biodiversity affect each other and the lives of humans who depend on the health of these natural spaces. 


(The Story of Q.)



Legend tells that in ancient times, a divine stream poured from the Earth itself, quenching the thirst of passers-by.


  The stream was said to contain the Knowledge of God, others claimed it had a bedrock of gold. Over time, the location of the stream became obscured, and legend became an ever-fading map, revisited and retold, leaving treasure hunters seeking for centuries. Until one day, by chance, an ancient document is found.

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