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Natasha M. Freeman

Standing Meeting

Natasha is the author of multiple books across the fiction and non-fiction spectrum. Her work has been nominated for the Ashton Wylie Book Award (honouring works that contribute to the growth and enlightenment of humanity), and sits the curriculum of Rhodes University South Africa.

She has guest lectured on topics related to the nominated, The Story of Q. - later published as ABWUN, and spoken on topics related to writing, the myth of writer's block, mindfulness and writing, and seeking authenticity within the creative process.

In 2021, Natasha was named in the top five favourite Women in Literature by Africa Books, in that same year, her book #ImStaying: the unspoken impact of the #ImStaying movement (Penguin) was recommended as a Book to Read by Bargain Books, to celebrate Human Rights Day in South Africa.


She has been interviewed by South Africa's renowned veteran journalists Ruda Landman and David O'Sullivan, and featured as a panel author for the Free State Literary Festival in 2020, as well as the Durban Book Fair. 

With a background in literature, political science, and women's studies, a love of science and the greater human story, Natasha is known for her sensitive, layered approach to story-telling, speaking often to the intellect as much to the deepest philosophical wonderings of the human heart.

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